Thursday, December 27, 2007

danial = stupid (maybe dunno yet)

Today's SDL:

Only 20-30% of students passed for Part A meaning the rest of you.. about 70-80% have FAILED.

*quick calculation : 70% x 211 = about 140 students.

hmmmm... thats not good odds isnt it.
argh shit.
damn lame lah

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

danial = stupid ( at times)

me , satpal singh, zola , azim eating lunch at dewan makan

Us : Talking talking nonsense
Satpal: This is fish is so thorny, can kill me lah one day( he was eating fish)
Me: Why you tak ambik daging? (we were eating daging)
Satpal : oh i tak makan daging.
zola:bodoh ar kau (me) nie nak kena tumbuk ke??!! (in a joking way of course)

SHIT!!!! sorry dude! i genuinely forgot !
oh god.malu sial.kill me nowwwwwwwwwwww

oh today physio lecture finish at 8.30 !!
gotta give prof kim credit!
hehehe :D

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

OMG a post!

yes everybody (kalau ada) finally a post!
actually i've been holiday for almost erm 5 days now but i've been busy + no internet at home so no chance of posting anything
so the last two weeks of my life has been generally been :
  • meetings! ( kursus kahwin , finalis , fis , blood donation ) - didnt really go for the fis one and i have a sneaky suspicion that they think i'm not doing any work.. hmmm WHY ON EARTH WOULD THEY THINK THAT? <-- sarcastic. (btw, i have/still doing my part)
  • lectures - physio and biochem lectures!
    biochem is okay.. kinda easy though nucleotide metabolisme just need to memorize only physiology... hmmm... all i gotta say is that u gotta listen to Prof Kim's lecture to know what we have to deal with. hahahaha oh god help us!
  • tutorials/PSS's : this i like!! we finish very quick nowadays! more time to sleep! bagus bagus!
  • SDL: this i think most UM medic 1st years will agree that this is the premier thing to worry about every week. and thanks to a lot of other things *cough cough dota cs smallville until 4.30am cough cough* i didnt read abdomen at all this week! must've been my lucky day since i wasnt chosen at all to cerita2 in front! phewwwww
  • sleeping a lot in between classes. which didnt usually happen last sem. hmmmm need to change this.. maybe my results will make me insaf a bit. *shrugs* *thinks about it* yeah it most definitely will. fuck. hahaha
  • futsal with the guys on weekends. same old same old with those guys. so lucky ppl. hahahaha
  • worked really hard during the kursus kahwin. *ehem ehem sab * dapat anugerah biro paling berdedikasi tu!
nah i just made the last one up. hahhaha penat but fun lah listening to the lectures and seeing all the future husbands/wife.. gotta wonder what's going on thru their minds during the course.. haahahaa never mind about that

oh yeah i almost forgot MAJOR event that took place the other day!

eh it should be liverpool lah silap! :P

was thinking of watching at home/mamak but it was on sunday
so had to watch at college but i LOVE watching at college
man utd supporters here very rowdy! espc final year students hahahaha

last but no least since i have no more thing to say
here are some photos i managed to take during the kursus kahwin and other stuff too

busy busy busy
melayu biasa ar datang lambat sheesh hahahathis is NOT our job. people were looking at us as if we were some foreign workers. salah faiz ar nie hahahahah

this is OUR job. not glamorous tapi important.
bla bla bla

"yang kat belakang tu.. pemberita ke? "
i was sooooo tempted to shout
"ya!berita harian mari!"
or maybe "nanyang siang pau reporter di sini!"

lectures were good.funny.informative.
especially about the ehem ehem part
*cough cough*team biro makanan yang amat berdedikasi!
L-R: Jamal , Nihong , Faiz (ketua-always nak jadi ketua *rolls eyes* Aidee, me (taking pic)

budak medic punya idea buat bakul sampah macam ni
first year duduk belakang.
without being told to do so.
its all about respect.
ala nanti kita buat ar cam tu in 4 years time (insyaallah)

u know the commercial where this guy tgk bola
mula2 with the family on old tv
then with friends on big tv
then on his handphone
this is what its all about
THE PASSION ladies and gentleman THE PASSION.

i think i have a video somewhere. jap. <- i shouldnt have wrote this. this is in my head only. ah nvm lah.haha

kinda lame lah the quality (sorry!)
ill try to do it thru youtube next time
like i said
PASSION MAN! saw the guy in the lab coat with the sthetoscope? ( did i spell that correctly?)
i love this game.

oh yeah
merry christmas everybody!

note to self

to the man who rules with an iron fist:

i know I'M your target now.
but dont worry.
i'll do everything in my power NOT to make your life easy.
that you can be sure of.

*ehem * kalau tak paham ignore je
hahaha :D

Sunday, December 9, 2007

back to school!

no SDL's
no PBL's
no PSS's

ahhhh... knew it was too good to last.
yes ladies and gents.. classes resume on monday and i have to say, i'm pretty bummed about it
stupid medic faculty . why do WE only have ONE week off only but the rest of the university have like 2 MONTHS??!!

ehhhh takpe lah what to do
sapa suruh ambik medic :P

anyway's things to look forward to(or not) when class resumes :
  • results kluar! ( shit!)
  • FINALIS ( erm festival nasyid amal ibnu sina - i think) pretty big deal apparently got the fella from rabbani and raihan coming.. also hijjaz will be peforming ( im in biro teknikal - i think )
  • FIS (festival ibnu sina) - dunno what this thing is yet! first time experience! - im helping zola with the blood donation thingy!)
  • heroes season 2 ! ( yay can finally watch season heroes 2!)
  • study sampai kepala nak pecah! :S
  • study sampai nak pecah benda!
  • study sampai benda pecah!
  • think of life if YOU didnt do medic
  • think of your current state of life
  • see annoying people you wish you dont know but you know because you took this course
  • etc etc

lets just say there are more cons than pros...

by the way : i'll still be free to go out and stuff lah ( ehem ehem thong siang futsal plz) who say medic students no life one?

he's right.partially.crap.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Wednesday night:

Thong Siang (TS) : eh tomorrow got some foreigners wanna play football
Me : oh cool! what time?
TS: 9 o clock. Free?
Me: i'm on holiday! of course i'm free!
TS: right... make sure u wake up early , go to petaling station , call me when you reach there
Me : (thinking) ohhhhhhhhh 9 in the morning is it. (crap) see how lah.
TS: what are you wearing now???
Me: oh nothing just a a red un...

okay the last part wasnt part of the conversation. hahahaha
so anyway early thursday morning (7.30!!!!!!) , bloody cold morning ( as i was about to find out)
asked mama can drop me off at lrt
" ala... jalan je lah" :S
so walked down the damn long hill ( anybody who's been to my house knows how long)
avoiding dogs and dog walkers with their dogs
under this kind of weather

finally reached lrt
and looked what i saw while waiting for the train!! it shocked me to the core! it was my first time seeing this!! EVER!!!!

people lining up to board lrt! wow! and they let ppl get off first too!! government must be doing a good job with this "budi bahasa budaya kita " thing
anyway.... went to sentral, had mcmuffin at mcd kejap ( hehe couldnt resist)
boarded ktm to petaling , met up with the guys
went to pick up romesh ( yes, he's back from aussie on holiday!)
then went to kick some ass!

went thru morning jam, hitz was playing backstreet boys song.
kar fai was lovin it. ewwwww. everybody sang along at some point. hahahaha shoulda been there man , was hilarious.

Me: so where we playing?
Johann Ham( yes with two n's!) : dunno
Me: where we playing TS?
TS: not sure
Me: right. this is going to be fun.

anyway kar fai knew the place * thank god*
somewhere in ss3 .. i swear i didnt know there was a ss3
it was some kinda public field... but all the doors were chained shut but the opponents were there already - all wearing fancy schmancy boots all and jerseys - we with our shirts and futsal shoes- hmph- could tell that most of them erm were average at best ( so cocky i know!) told thong siang this is going to be fun!

after going in the field ( thru a doggy hole) met the opponents

Me: Not foreigners also, chinese what!
TS: *shrugs*

idiot. anyways main punya main. hujan pun was real heavy rain man... cancel? HELL NO! permainan diteruskan with me and thong siang fooling around talking like hasbollah awang most of the time

rain didnt stop at all.. must've been at least a couple of hours
anyway stopped game at 12 ish
after the opponents couldnt keep score with us ( hehehehehehe)
drenched to the bone we attempted to change to other clothes but it was just as wet so didnt bother
except thong siang who took up his pants in the middle of the street.


makan at mamak kesian the guys at the mamak
we practically flooded his store hahaha
went to mid valley soon after that ( of course balik dulu and mandi and everything)
with the same ppl ( minus johann-wanted to save energy for MCR concert)
watched this:
pretty cool! albeit the cliffhanger
confusing at the beginning though
planning to read the novels now! hahaha

was feeling the burn in my thighs by now it was about 8 o clock already
walk and walk around mid valley
guys were window shopping ( not me)
went to the gardens for the first time
pretty classy place , not my place for sure hahaha
pretty cool they have like big sofas that you can rest on in the middle of the complex
went to borders . bought kite runner on recommendation by romesh

read a bit of it
pretty cool
heard there was a movie based on the book
gotta watch out for that

so finally went home
tired like hell
read kite runner

funny moment: i called kar fai went he went to the bathroom to erm excrete some stercobilin.
hahaha funny conversation. unfortunately cannot be posted due to extreme profanity and some unpleasant sounds.

going back to UM on saturday

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


QUESTION: what do you do when you ARE so freaking bored and wanna try something new?
ANSWER: you create a blog!!! even though you have minimal knowledge and ZERO experience of writing a blog and even less interest to sit a computer and basically write a long, winding essay about what you feel,what you did,what you gonna do,what do you think about that fucking annoying kid in class with you and.....


lets not get ahead of ourselves here.
i'll save that for another post.
this a just a trial run.. seeing i did this out of sheer boredom
i'm pretty interested/curious to see how i last trying to blog


awwww so sweet of the UMNO Kelantan :X

hmmmm guess i'm pretty much done here
i really need a camera to really be serious about blogging
*alasan alasan*

anyways i'll post something worthwhile
when(if) it comes into my head

p.s. first one down , now more will come like the rain drops!
and the title refers to Fonzy's catchphrase ( ya know from Happy Days)