Monday, September 29, 2008

sign jangan tak sign!

Your initials here and there and stay there.

peace everybody.

randomity #32

i went to KLIA alone.

balik pun alone.

why does it feel that i left someone behind?

miao. :(

some people must think i'm crazy going to klia for only about 20 minutes. then coming back home.

yes i am Crazy. Kan? :P

Saturday, September 27, 2008

randomity #31

sigh. just 1 day to go.

this is obviously not her plane. she's leaving at night. :S

Are you ready?

Am i ready? :S

Are we ready?

Thursday, September 25, 2008


just finished Patho and MMB!
hmmm. dunno what to say about it so won't say anything. hehehe.
takpe takpe concentrate on finals!

by the way check out
and see how Van der Vaart went crazy!
see his second goal and his through pass for Robben!
fucking crazy wei!

gotta study DPHS! ciao!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

busy busy busy.

havent been blogging lately. sibuk sikit ar got stupid exams on thurs and friday. *sigh*
so the few things i wanted to say was like :

  • free RPK!
  • doesnt matter if its 916 /923 /1001 whatever. the thing is we're finally waking up. a bit.
  • immunology is a pain in the ass.
  • i think i failed pharmaco!
  • man utd still rocks! early season mar. relax lar. hahahahaha
  • berbatov- we didnt pay 30 million euros for you to be outrunned by the likes of Alex. Seriously. Why didnt he put tevez on!!! *garhhhhh!*
  • ramadhan is flying by man. thanks to the busy schedule. sigh. takde feeling raya at all. hmph.
  • just saw arsenal's goals against sheff utd. gila. they'll win the league...... someday.
  • stress pimples aplenty!
  • havent been seeing/talking to someone very important to me lately. susah susah.
  • finished reading Half of a Yellow Sun
  • Master is pissed off! hahahahaha! :D
  • I havent read any notes on MMB yet.
  • DPHS is useless.
  • Malaysia - down the drain.
  • my sleep cycle is messed up. sleeping at 4,5,6 and waking up at 10,11,12. not good. not good. have to change after raya.
  • Ryan Giggs, i love you but you're kinda old don't you think? :S
  • Get well soon Rodrigo Possebon!
  • shit , did you hear about the plane crash involving Travis Barker?? he's alive but 4 people were killed. :(
  • go visit more educational sites like this or this.
  • i'm tired.of studying.but i'm not really studying. then why am i tired?

dah takde idea dah. peace people. selamat berbuka!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

randomity #30

oh it's september 11th!

hmmm. miao.

i love you. you know who you are.
the girl who drives me crazy.
in a good way. sometimes. hmmm.

hahaha :D

reading. (non medical stuff)

oh kamkango i'm reading Half of A Yellow Sun right now actually.

will find What is the What? soon! hehehe. :D
anyway people , kalau ada masa read this. or this.
well, they are plenty of stuff here. hmmm.

in other news :

sign for Man Utd Dammit!

England thrashed Croatia!

rugi tak tengok :S oh well.Youtube exists for a reason.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

short post.

yes finally! A Slam this year! pity it wasnt against rafa though. hmmm.
anyway september's gonna suck because :
  • got exams.
  • got projects.
  • got meetings.
  • got gout
  • got Ramadhan-sleeping-every-possible-minute syndrome.
  • got no money.
  • got friends flying off to continue studies overseas.
  • got ONE very very very important person flying off to the UK.
  • got headache.
  • got Man Utd-Liverpool showdown! (well, it will suck if we lose)


i'm hungry. :S

Saturday, September 6, 2008


our future looks bleak indeed.
hmmm. respect / admire this man i do.

Modern Day Crusader.

this man, however, i do not.

god. what the hell is wrong with you? and your people.

open your EYES and your MIND .

get rid of all that power if you have too.


Friday, September 5, 2008


yes. that was the sound of my jaw dropping!
why it sounded like that i dunoo. hmm.

Why do you ask? This is why.

like WTF right? When did they get so fucking rich?

oh yeah. YOU. *bastard* Go help other countries lar. Buy football clubs for what? *sheesh*

anyway WE, and when i say WE i mean the more SUCCESSFUL part of Manchester have got our man :

Dimitar Berbatov!

oh my god he's actually smiling!

dont know where he's going to fit in though. Tevez, Ronaldo, Rooney. Hmmm. see how lor.

and in other news :

Newcastle are (still) deep in shit.

damn you Dennis Wise. I've got grey hair and you still think you're the boss??!! WTF!

you can tell that this is a hurried post right?

gotta go!

Will post non-footie things soon! Bit busy nowadays. :(

Byeee Man Utd Rocks!