Monday, December 27, 2010

kaki macam nak tercabut. but it's worth it.

all that time standing during ward rounds actually paid off!
well the ones that I attended anyway.

today Rock the World 10 + AFF Suzuki Cup Final first leg.
atmosphere at Bukit Jalil = amazing.
ya allah.
I could literally feel the national pride in the air.
especially lepas menang.
good day good day.
will blog about it later though.
penat sangat.
back to reality in a few short hours.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I have this innate desire of pleasing everybody I know.
and the funny thing is.
as I have discovered over the last couple of months or so is that.

that is freaking impossible.
who knew huh?


the end is nigh.

*wipes dust off blog*
*ada orang lagi ke yang baca ni?*

this was definitely the longest break I ever took from blogging.
I'm sure it wasnt really missed by anyone but whatever lah terasa nak sambung balik blogging ni.
tulis blog untuk diri sendiri. bukan orang lain. haha.

bukan sengaja tak nak blog. just that I was busy (hahahaha yeah right) and entah lah didnt really feel like blogging.
benda ni bukan boleh paksa. hahaha cewah.

Yeap I have seen the end of this blog coming for a while.
and it's coming sooner than I expected.
time final year, kerja nanti memang tak akan update langsung.
*cue awwwwww*
*nothing? okay never mind.*

I'm not gonna delete this blog though.
sayang sangat.
macam best friend.
okay sangat loser.

oh future posts will include very very old undrafted posts so jangan pelik if I suddenly talk about something that has happened really really long ago and stuff.
there will also be some new stuff.
okay bye.

new year coming already?