Wednesday, April 30, 2008

thank you

Mr Paul Scholes

you're my favorite player EVER for united
- yes even more than the King - Eric Cantona.

this is one of the reasons why :

we all follow united
follow follow follow
to Moscow!

baru balik from genting
penat gila sial. sigh. hahaha

its now or never

come on you devils!

damn i wish i was in manchester now

Saturday, April 26, 2008

thank god man

can you imagine?
all your hard work for a year
or in my case half a year (hehehe)
all comes down to 20 mins of questions with your lecturers
but syukur lah lepas

you cannot imagine the pressure to the damn VIVA man
you need to do one to feel ALIVE
okay maybe that's a lil much
and the feeling when youre name is under the "LULUS" list
woah man
the best feeling in the world.


so now i got a couple of months off.
or as i like to call it
brain degradation time!

so you know.
i'm free now
time to work !

work = money = new shoes = futsal
work = money = new phone

work = money = yay!

yeah its obvious that i like money.

but i like freedom better.
thank god man.

thank god.

randomity #10

racism breeds racism.

yup that's it.


Monday, April 14, 2008

no keeper in the world could've saved that

thats all i'm gonna say.

what , you think something like my FINALS are gonna stop me watching united play? haha you got another thing coming man

yeah today start finals already! until Thursday. wish me luck! :D

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

and one more thing

my money from FLY FM tak sampai lagi

yes it was I who won the competition *buat muka*

i owe ppl like 100 bucks plus man.

i dont wanna "sleep with the fishes man"

help. :S

cannot tahan leh

one week to go.
i know.
instead of studying, i was downloading LOST season 4 when i went home.
sempat tengok episode 1 tu!


ada lah sikit.
argh!!!!!!!!!!! need to study!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


no kidding
just 2 freaking weeks to go!

9 hours of answering questions and i'll be home free for 3 months
insya allah

i dont want to repeat.................
the thought of repeating with a bunch of snotty nosed juniors terrifies the shit out of me
what i know lah they all my age also so what


am i ready?
fuck yeah.

oh selamba lah
what come will come we just have to face it when it does anyway

isnt that a quote from hagrid?