Saturday, February 28, 2009


takde lah hiatus sebenarnya.
because i still can post from college.

just that it takes ages to do it.
so will be quite....
for a while.

itu je.

takpe you guys arent missing anything pun.
right? right.....?

haha bye!

p.s. budak setapak baca blog aku! bangga gila!
hahahaha. :P


blog nie akan hiatus secara temporary.
kerna di rumah internet sudah kaput akibat ribut salji hari tu.

sekian terima kasih.

Monday, February 23, 2009

siot tul.


i just wanted to change the freaking profile picture on the right here --- >

sebab macam bosan je benda sama and tak nampak muka pun.

then try punya try.
kosong terus!

siot ar.
bodoh blogspot.

just kidding hehe.
lap you blogspot! muah muah.

lain kali biar je lah gambar tu.ish ish ish.

randomity #53

korang pernah tak.
time tengah syok berak kan.
tiba tiba black out?

that day lah at college.
during thunderstorm.
cannot tahan.
the urge.
eh ni dah post lain macam nie. :P

apa perasaan korang eh bila benda ini berlaku?

no i'm seriously asking.
jom ar discuss!
better than discussing about CIN or HGSIL or whatever PBL nonsense right?

p.s. jelas sekali my blogging skills have detiorated a lot because sudah lama tidak update wor.
ada ke skill in the first place?


hehe too funny

i couldnt help putting this up and rubbing it in Xian Zhiong every Arsenal fan's face.

p.s. Arshavin not bad eh. but still cannot win also. hehehehe.


Sunday, February 15, 2009


how come that i can wake up damn early on the weekends.
i'm talking a bout 6/7 am here people.
that's mindblowingly early.


well for me lar.

but never not wake up on time during weekdays???

ahh the weird occurrences of life...
what would life be without these "why lah why???" moments?


p.s. i cannot stop listening/singing/humming Lovebug.
damn you Jonas Bros.
well not really lah cuz their songs not bad lor.
tapi macam tak macho ar dengar lagu diorang.

eh who cares?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

randomity #52

kalau tak pergi pbl session 1 , kena pergi ke session 2?

sebab dunno what the hell is going on.


hypothetically speaking of course.

Monday, February 9, 2009

randomity #51

not a good fustal session today.
yesterday.whatever. :P

got kicked in the nuts.
right nut to be exact.
ball got kicked into my face.
my eyes, specifically.
right eye, now that you mention it.
seriously man it felt like someone ex gf punched me in the fucking face.
couldnt open my eye for like 5 minutes.
mestilah sambung main. hehe. take more than that so stop me.

oh yeah i got KICKED in the nuts.
not the ball hit my nuts.
more like someone's right foot swung directly at my crotch.
fucking full speed some more you know!
like ouch.
no no no.
that's not how it felt.


actually words cannot properly describe the extremly excruciating pain that i had endure today.
ouch...... :(


all in the first 10 minutes.
after that memang takde mood lagi nak main.
macam sial.
memang main macam sial lah lepas tu. couldnt care less.

itu saja for today's NUTTY story.

sorry couldnt help myself.
go sleep!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

sigh,of relief.

as the title suggests, i finally get to breathe a sigh of relief these past few days.

because i'm no longer involved in any projects!
not any college-related ones anyway.

MPIS was my last project for this year and thank god it went erm relatively smoothly.
i'll save a post for MPIS for later.
which was the same thing i said for FIS also.
hohohoho sorry lor busy mar!

dont get me wrong.
i had TONS of fun and it was a great experience doing all these projects and stuff.
but from my academic viewpoint, i have erm how can i say this

TOTALLY ABANDONED my studies for about 2 months or so.
which is a lot in medic school.
class skipped like nobody's business.
hey but i dont really have any regrets lor.
ceh cakap je sekarang.nanti supplement/repeat *sentuh kayu* baru ada regret. :(

hahaha so in a way
kinda sad that no more projects
but good also lar now can study

now i just gotta get rid of all these distractions.

piece of cake right?
wish me luck for my exams in May-ish!




House Season 5 Episode 4 was rather good wasnt it?

yeah i do watch other shows besides LOST and Prison Break.

and i know that this is extremely random.
just thought that i'd share.

bangun wei bangun!
early bird catches the damn worm!
and i'm hungry!



CFCS Visit 4 debriefing is on Wednesday.

just did my visit YESTERDAY.
orang lain dah siap report and presentation semua dah.

yalah what to do all my group members in MPIS what.
aiyo.gonna be a busy weekend for sure.

*checks bag*

oh shit book full of info for visit four (fo fo fo????? hahahahha lol!) tertinggal kat kolej lak.

shit lar.
now what?

study lar duh.
after facebook-ing. ehehehe promise!