Friday, January 30, 2009

randomity #50

anyway watching Zodiac now.
instead of studying. shit. :S
which is a movie i've always wanted to watch since it came out.
but for some peculiar reason.
never did!
anyway watching it now so yay! yay for HBO!
i love these mystery/thriller/thinking movies.

i'm a virgo! you are?

oh and guess who's in the Zodiac?
Christian Shepherd!
Jack's Dad!
small pic.
cannot find bigger one.

my OUR bayyyyyyybbbbyyyyyyyyy!

or his real name John Terry!
no not THE John Terry!

i only wish i could be as freaky as my namesake!

man these LOST connections never end.
it's like LOST is playing with me. freaky.
screwing with me head man.

*sudden outburst*

p.s. downloading episode 3 now! weeeeeeee!
peace guys!


member member sekalian went to BarCelona.
tak ajak also. hmph.
im at home watching the excellent excellent match between Verdasco and Nadal.

not a bad tradeoff i say.

sikit lagi doe!

I was lucky! :S

oh damn Nadal menang.
never mind never mind.
Come on Federer!!!!!
you can do it!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

randomity #49

awww CNY almost over already.
* lion dance chinese drums mandarin oranges all over the place dong-dong-dong chang!*
that means the major perk of CNY holidays is coming to an end!
well for non-CNY celebrating people anyways.

empty lanes on the road.
no traffic.
no cars.
empty malls.
but closed shops :S

best gila siot!

well i guess CNY's the only time i can celeberate these things.
because well during Raya i'll be back in Kelantan with, i dunno about 751231 million people!
hey i still remember the jam from Bachok beach to Kota Bharu i had to endure last Raya okay!

and i'm sure the chinese feel the same way that i do now.
indians i dunno lar because erm i dunno you all tak cukup orang kot.

okay okay enough "race" talk.
dont want ISA come knocking on my door or anything.

but i basically wanted to say :


year of the BUTTOX ox people!

apparently it's a good year for snakes.
ie me.


Sunday, January 25, 2009


after watching the first 5 mins of Lost Season 5 Episode 1.

my face literally was like : O
for about 10 mins.

then after watching 10 mins of Lost Season 5 Episode 1.
i was like @$!$@$!!!!$@#)$$*$&%#$.

i am speechless. just like Hana.

it sooooooo sooo soo soooo sooo soooo does ruleeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

argh my head cannot comprehend how much LOST rules!!!
explode head explode!!!

p.s. oh yeah i guess it wasnt porn this time.
hahaha. :P

waiting waiting and waiting

cooked dinner and waiting for LOST to finish download.
hehehhehehehehehee *cannot contain my excitement*
yeap you read that correctly i cooked dinner.
i got the cop sirim from the head honcho herself
mom. :P
so yeah you bet your ass it was good. haha.

yeah i still use LAMEWIRE i mean limewire.
because i'm still illiterate about the whole torrent thingy.
oh well i'll learn about that when i have my own laptop okay?
then i can download all the movies i want to watch but dont wanna waste money on.
like The Day The Earth Stood Still.

i still havent watched this actually. :S

and old cult movies like Donnie Darko and The Warriors.

are you Azira in disguise?
sorry inside joke.

Can you dig it........???!!!

WARNING : LOST talk ahead.
watching rush hour 1 and 3 back to back.
hehehe. remember this dude?

i am freaky chinese dude with gun!

i am freaky chinese dude that can talk to ghosts!

he's my 2nd fav dude from all the freighties.
well maybe 3rd.frank is a close second.
nunmber 1? my namesake of course. Duh! :P

sexy frank. totally sexy.

Daniel Faraday.
time travel expert.
not a bad dresser too. (note the skinny tie)
everything i'm not :S
damn. haha.

sorry about all the LOST talk.
just too excited.
hope that i downloaded actual LOST episodes.
not PORN disguised in lost last time.

what happened to the porn?
deleted it of course.
what's with the look?
hey i know that look.
damn you.

haha bye! LOST RULES!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


ignorance is bliss.

or is it?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

randomity #48

why dont buses have seatbelts?


just wondering.

p.s. malaysia started the whole buckle-up-behind-or-else-we'll-saman-you unless you bribe us of course thingy.
no complaints. just that i feel like i've been forced to sit in a toddler seat.
me + toddler seat. imagine. ewww.
double eww.uncomfortable indeed.

p.s.s. thanks for voting for Tim!
i hardly think that my blog had anything to do with him winning but oh well! :P
campus politics. *rolls eyes*
dont get me started. :S

haha bye! got MPIS rehearsal!

glory glory!!

TOP of the table and it feels so gooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!
liverpool cracking under pressure? hoho!
chelsea out of sorts? hoho!
arsenal? who? hoho! :P
lonely tonight? call some hoho's!
yes you give me stick i give you goals!

come on Berba!

in ANOTHER domestic final also! hoho!
but at a very hefty sacrifce.
injury crisis man injury crisis.
rafael nani anderson jonny evans wes brown evra rooney oh my god.
takpe takpe.
we'll survive.

bila score je, injured pulak. pelik. :S

dare we dream of FIVE trophies this season?

yes that's correct i said 5!

that would make it a .. erm.. *thinks* five-plet? penta-plet? quintplet?

3 + 2 = trebdouble ?

i dunno. wooooo! i wouldnt care if it did happen. that's for sure!


p.s. i had to post something.i was feeling bad that this blog was so's like a pet.and posts are it's food.comments on the cbox and posts are extra food! :P

in a weird mood today. hmm. must be all the work.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


halfway through of January and still no post?
wow you must be real busy Mr. Danial.

i'll probably be free only after February.

p.s. VOTE TIM! :P