Tuesday, February 7, 2012

born to die.

sounds like something lady gaga would say huh?
well it's not! :P

there's something about this song/singer.
it's not particularly amazing or beautifully sung.
it's her voice... macam hypnotic.
i've been replaying this song ever since.
it's stuck in my head! in a good way lah, not in like a Rebecca Black Friday type of way.

it seems this lady - Lana Del Rey was being much maligned for her off-key performance on SNL recently.
She sounds okay though on other shows and on her album of course.
americans.  *shrugs*

i'm listening to her other songs and it's pretty much the same kinda music.
not bad though.
not bad at all.
cakap macam power pulak. gi mati lerrrrrr :S