Monday, June 30, 2008

good luck dudes!

Azat : Good luck in Kuantan and good luck in medicine. It's a pain in the ass but we get to save people yadayadayada so it's all good hahahaha

Ras: Have fun in Swaziland Switzerland! Land of chocolates and cheese! And watches!
And Martina Hingis! okay okay i'll stop.

Kar Fai : Have fun in Sabah dude! Now we all have an excuse to organize a road trip to Sabah.
Yeah baby! eh by the time you graduate i'll still be in UM lah so i won't miss you that much haha


and i hope you know
that your cousin is very emotional nowadays.
to the point of being annoying.
but that just shows how much he sayang you. :D
*cue sappy music*


sigh. everybody leaving already. damn.
to think that in september even MORE people will be leaving. guys suck. :S

Thursday, June 26, 2008


this isn't very nice.
but it sure IS funny! hahaha!

hahahaha! :D
you probably won't understand unless you have followed the NBA for the last decade. Sorry!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

out with the old

yes ladies and gentlemen.
i have finally betrayed the friendster gods


and have now crossed over to the almighty facebook.


sorry lah friendster. you dah kurang support dah.
and we all know how important support is.
just ask this guy.

i'm not going to get into trouble for this right? :P

so anyway you guys can add me at

or i'll add you or whatever. :S

Monday, June 23, 2008

randomity #20

listening to the radio :

DJ dude: So, today's question : Is it COOL to be COOL with your ex-girlfriend?
Me: :S

it's confirmed.
the world is mocking me.


biar betul!

there's no euro match today!
to tell you the truth i'm kinda glad actually
almost 3 weeks of staying up until 5-6 o clock in the morning and waking up in the afternoon was
seriously deteriorating my health.
not that i was very healthy anyway. haha :P

that being said
i'm looking forward to the semifinals :

Germany vs Turkey
Turkey actually only have 14 available players!! :S
the coach said he might play the third keeper as a striker or a defender!
crazy or what!

Spain vs Russia
Russia to avenge their earlier group defeat to Spain.
ell i hope at least.

yeah i'm out.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


i think this is the ONLY team photo we ever took.
it was during 2005 i think.
Back Row (L to R) : Wah Tang,Me,Khen Joon,Buford,Aimran,Wei Loon
Front Row( L to R) : Paul, Xian Zhiong, Kar Fai , Johann, Thong Siang
see the school field so nice one! :P sekarang macam gurun sahara je wtf haha

feeling a little bit nostalgic these days since everybody is going here and there and everywhere.
so i decided to introduce to the world the best second best team in Samad from the year 2004-2005.
easily one of the best things that happened during my time in Samad.

For the uninitiated it ORIGINALLY stood for Chinese Football Association.
No joke. You know i'm telling the truth guys! yeah they all WERE a bunch of racists ass back then. hahaha.
But when they realized they needed some "flavour" in their team and added an Iban(Paul), two Malays (Aimran and Me) and a dash of Indian (Romesh) ... terbina lah Checkered Flag Association.
which refers to our ugly ass jersey. you know a chessboard with the white and black squares? yeah it's EXACTLY like that. ugly man. ugly. hahaha

put this on some fabric and you get our jersey.
seriously. ugly. uuuuuuuugly. haha

we had some good times you know
probably the best time was in Samad Cup 2005
our last year as a team together in the competition.
Breezed to the final WITHOUT conceding a goal. then in the final against form 6 fellas :

one missed penalty + conceding 2 stupid goals = made us trophyless the whole time in samad.

damn sad wei that time. but at perhimpunan when prize giving ceremony the team got standing ovation wei so bangga jugak ar
well not standing lah cuz where can stand during assembly one after prefect kecoh ma

now in present time CFA sudah semakin kurang aktif , mostly because people are busy with their studies so we changed to futsal which required less people to play with.
ada jugak yang SENGAJA tinggalkan member. *ahem Paul ahem*
takpelah let bygones be bygones right?
hahahaa so members that are still active include : me, Kar Fai ,Xian Zhiong , Thong Siang , Johann and Wei Loon

So i've gotten really close to these guys and i regard them as my brothers already
perhaps even more than my malay friends.
though at times i feel guilty when conversations like this happen :

One of them : Where are we going to eat? Go eat bak kut teh lah near chinese shop there
Another one of them: (in chinese) Cannot lah got danial ma.
One of them : Okay lah go mamak lah like that.
it's not that i understand chinese but i aint dumb too okay?

im sorry for denying you guys from eating pork with my presence.
seriously it might seem like a trivial thing but when it happens like a 100 times you tend to feel bad for them.
rasa bersalah leh. :(

well i think i should do an update of some people in the photo so that everybody knows where everybody is or is going to do :

Aimran aka Amir aka Murad : Should be going to the UK soon. To study lah . Obviously.
Me aka Danial aka Danny aka Azman : Starting 2nd year medic soon. Won't be leaving the country anytime soon. haha
Buford aka Weng Heng aka Motor : In Queensland if I'm not mistaken.Come back and come see me lah dude. haiyo.
Wei Loon aka Soo Me aka Benayoun: Currently in HELP. doing business-something.hahaha
Thong Siang aka Tai Mui aka Only Villa fan in Malaysia : In HELP also. Doing... something. hahaha this dude will always be around.

Thong Siang made me do it.

Johann aka Ham aka Vicente : Doing very well in Metropolitan . Smart little ass. haha
Xian Zhiong aka Cat aka Panda : In Monash University. Still my centre back partner. Same old dude. haha
Paul Michael aka Bujap aka Jessica : In Adelaide. Damn Malaysians all flying to Australia. Stay here for god sakes. This guy doing petroleum engineering you know. *fuyo* Coming back in July. Please go and catch up with him. Even if he doesnt want too. hahahaha
Kar Fai aka Captain aka Kok Wing : ahhh El Capitan. Flying off to UMS this coming Saturday.That's in Sabah by the way.So it's technically overseas. Let's go give one of my closest friends a send off okay?

well there you have it.
let me know if i missed anything.

I love these guys man. and i dont care who knows it.

okay you can ridicule and call me an emotional wussy *checks watch*....... now.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

randomity #19

i just realized.
no one really asked me what the meaning of the title of my blog means.

you know why?
because deep down in your subconscious little mind of yours , if you know me well enough , you already know what it means.

or you just don't give a patootie.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

i'm a movie buff again!

yeah i havent been watching a lot of movies lately.
still havent watched Indy Jones 4 : Empayar Tengkorak Kristal(??)
it's so funny reading the malay subtitles of the movie name isn't it? huahuauaha

still rocking the fedora.
or so i'm told.

Narnia 2 pun belum tonton lagi.

i have a weid looking horn.

but i have watched : The Happening. ( the erm... Kejadian)
and i have to say

The Happening happening siot!!

no they're not leaving their cars because they have no petrol.
that only happens here.and in other 3rd world countries. :S

yes you can tell that i've been saving that for a while.
i dont want to give away much
so just know that it's a much more gorier M. Night Shyamalan movie
more than normal anyway
seriously someone with suicidal tendencies should not watch the movie cause it hands out dozens of tips on how to kill yourself.

the look most people had after the movie. *gosh*

freaky. yeah that was the word commonly used during/after this movie.
along with oh no and wtf and holy shit and etc
how can shit be holy? maybe it's the Pope's faeces. He is His Holiness after all. hmmmmm
watch The Happening !

also watched : Kung Fu Panda
which translates to the same thing.

yes after the Happening we had to watch something more... cheerful.
very funny movie! hahaha laugh terbahak bahak then had to control malu siot.
hahaha who cares anyway the whole cinema was laughing
like accidentally pee-ed your pants laughing you know
a lot of funny scenes and cool fighting scenes and the ending is what you expect from this kind of movie.not complaining though.

yeah got a lot of nice movies coming out
too bad i'll be starting my 2nd year in a while.
yes i am a Med Student. i know i dont look like one but does House looks like a doctor? hmmm?
i will completely ignore any mutterings that he is a completely fictional character. hmph.

say what? i'm not real?

and in other news :

L O S T (H I L A N G) season 4 is airing on AXN!
too bad i have seen the whole season already! huahauhuahauhauhauhau
its awesome. the best show ever. ever and ever ever and ever ever and ever.

get ready to shed some tears this season.
not that i did.cause you know, tak macho ar camtu. haha

personal updates coming up soon. until i get a camera.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

footie lovers only. :D

this is a very football orientated post
so if you know nuts about football you may continue with your friendster-ing . facebook-ing , porn ing , or whatever.
but thanks for stopping by! :D

anyway :

meet aaron ramsey. he's about to make a stupid decision by shunning Man Utd. have u heard of Paul Gascoigne and Alan Shearer? hmm?

silly boy.

Giovanni Dos Santos -- going to Spurs? fucking crazy.
the only thing crazier than that is if Ronaldinho goes to Man City.

England's thataway Ronnie!

First round of Euro 2008 sudah berlalu.
I now support the Dutch! go Oranje! simply because they have Van Der Sar and Ruuuuuddddd

happier times.

Goal of the tournament so far? surely this one.
damn wanted to put the zlatan goal but UEFA barred it already. oh well you probably seen it already anyway hahaha

master class.

and i have to say i'm worried if Villa goes to Liverpool. see the Torres-Villa partnership? fucking scary. eeeeeeee

spain? underachievers? hah!

oh this pic is for xian zhiong. since he claims he's gay, he should enjoy wanking looking at this picture. hahaha

eh xian zhiong im putting my reputation on the line here for you by posting this pic.
you owe me one.

oh shit people next to me in the cc are looking at me strangely.
gotta go.
*hurries up and leaves*

Friday, June 6, 2008

randomity #18

teh ais = RM1.80 .

i dunno what to say already.
my heart sudah hancur berkecai already.


Thursday, June 5, 2008


Minyak naik mahal gila.

good thing i walk a lot and use public transport. looks like i'll have more company soon. :D
and more things to look at too. :D

Waking up to headlines such as Brutalised in Bangsar.

kinda catchy huh? i dont blame the workers not trying to get involved.15 against 3? with Red Bull as weapons? woah. when berdepan with this kinda situation you just either fight or flight.
or in this case, fight or watch and do nothing. hey it happens man. what would you do? be honest now.

African students get beat up for dating local women.

*rolls eyes*
haiyo kalau tak puas hati you go to THEIR country and date their women!
susah apa. sheesh.

My advice for today :
dont take the escalator/lift/OKU lift/etc
take the stairs.
nanti dah tua tak boleh naik stairs.
so you dont know what you're missing allright?


randomity #17

let's play THE ODD ONE OUT!
what is the oddity in this picture?

wah. i didnt know it was gonna be so big. hmmm.

yes that's my (left) foot.

think it's gross looking now? wait till i take it out. which could be soon judging by how often i play futsal these days. hmmmmm sedap sedap

oh is it too late to brag about Manchester United being champions of Europe?

*starts singing Glory Glory Man Utd and Champeones Champeones *



yup. it's too late. damn.

randomity #16

one of the best nike commercials ever :

notice that arsenal got a butt kicking from inter AND barcelona.
nuff said.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

fuyo EURO

after nights of watching Ultimate Fishing and Pro Darts and reruns of Akademi Fantasia while drinking low fat milk and eating keropok ikan

finally something decent to watch : Euro 2008

dont really care who wins though. just entertain me dammit.
oh try eating keropok ikan with bread. like a hamburger! sumpah sedap gila !

randomity.... *checks* #15

haha moment of the week #1 :

after futsal at pintu depan sunway pyramid :

me : eh hold my things. i no pocket lah.
thong siang: EH! You think i doraemon is it??!!
this is not thong siang.

you see because he was already keeping everybody else's stuff.
well it was funny at the time. blueek.

haha moment of the week #2 :

this is just so silly i have to post it. i got it from suharson and it's partially about his SUPER BEST FRIEND FOREVER , Mr. Satpal Singh.

Satpal Singh went to a beach.. while he was relaxing near the seaside , some tourist asked him:

Tourist 1 : Are you relaxing?
Satpal SINGH: No, i'm Satpal SINGH!!

A few minutes later :

Tourist 2 : hi! Are you relaxing?
Satpal SINGH: NO! I'm Satpal SINGH!

Later :

Tourist 3 : Are you relaxing?
Satpal SINGH: (angry) I'm not relaxing!! I'm Satpal SINGH !!

then Satpal SINGH took his things to look for another place to relax.. On the way he saw another SINGH is sitting under the tree.. Satpal SINGH asks him , "are you relaxing?"
He replied " yes i am relaxing."
Angrily, Satpal SINGH slapped him and said " Everybody is looking for you there , what are you doing over here , stupid konde???!!!

hahahaha i got a laugh just writing that
it helps if you picture Satpal as you read the joke.
As i couldnt find a pic of him , this will have to do.
just take out the turban and you have satpal singh! hahaha
yes he is that tall!

bodoh siot