Friday, September 16, 2011

dah register belom?

dah ada bau election sekarang. 
our wily, beloved PM is at it again! 

p.s. at 1:35 , be prepared to fall in love with Sharifah Amani. CUTE GILA! :<3 
oh it's just me ke? damn.  
Nurul Izzah rapping FTW! 
and klaka lak tengok Lee Chong Wei singing along.

okay bye.
thanks sapa yang host open house this weekend. 
insyaAllah dapat pergi.

peace guys. and girls of course.
wink wink wink 
gender equality and all that.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

shamelessly reposted.

before you all shout "PENCURI!!! tak original langsung post!!! ewwwwww! " 
I shamelessly took this from Blog Serius.  
so there. and he got it from

so yeah I'm officially a plagiarizer. 
but I think good messages like these are meant to be passed on to everybody? no meh? 
*ayat sedapkan hati* 

p.s. kena saman semalam. road tax baru mati 2 hari.

Friday, September 9, 2011

and in my head I paint a picture.

lama dah nak post lagu ni sebenarnya.
I prefer this acapella than the upbeat version.
although I must say, Bruno Mars did make me wanna jump up and swing with his version at the recent MTV VMAs.
no please don't picture that in your head.
hahaha :P

she's really an amazing singer.
everybody has their own demons to deal with.
the question is how well do you handle it.

okay tido!
nite everybody!