Saturday, December 31, 2011

last post of the year.

hahaha. worst blogging year EVER.
biasa lah sibuk.

review of 2011 ? maybe some other post.
uh-oh I've heard that before. 
hahaha a bit tired and lazy and not in the mood now after United just lost :S

2 months more exam professional.
You have no idea how it feels like. Unless you were in my position.
I repeat : YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

peace out ya'll.
kirim salam mak bapak (wtf?)
be safe.

oh yeah love this video:

I always love reading the top comments.
one guy was saying that JGL got FRIENDZONED hard!

happy new year!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

aktiviti malam.

step 1 :

step 2 :
Youtube subsequent videos. In order.

step 3 :
feel like shit.

hahahaha yes I'm bored! Whilst doing this stupid presentation :S

peace out everybody.