Tuesday, May 24, 2011


i have been missing classes lately.
a lot of classes.

I know that people think that I miss class on purpose.
takleh bangun pagi.
super malas.
pastu petang ada pulak dok main bola.

well I can't blame them thinking that way.
i haven't been the most studious person here.
but you know something?
I like to see them be in my shoes and try to live my live for a while.
and see if you can handle it.
I'm trying the best as I can.
and if I have to miss classes for the greater good then so be it.
I don't have the perfect family like most of you people here so that you can focus on studying only okay.
i got a lotta things on my mind and shit other than medical school.

pisses me off when people smile sheepishly at me when I go to class and remarks like "eh Danial lama tak nampak" or "eh budak baru ar".
because they don't know shit.
tapi lantak lah diorang nak fikir apa.
bukan aku boleh control pon.
it's me against the world.
just the way I like it I guess.

just ranting here.
lama tak meluah perasaan.
peace out.

p.s. and I play futsal/football for release.
it's the only thing that I can do moderately well.
so I like it.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

randomity #106

janggut aku multi-coloured.
naturally okay!
okay lah not really multi-coloured.
just two colours only.
black and white perang.
weird right?

malas ar taruk gambar.
macam over lak nanti.
just gotta see it for yourself then.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


and I don't know why.
a myriad of reasons probably.
ya Allah.
help me.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

reason my mom is awesome #1

one random weekend morning :

me : *still sleeping*
ma : *masuk bilik* eh Danny, nanti pergi dengan your sister pergi hantar recycling punya benda and bla bla bla.
me : *grunts* hmmmmmmmmm. *starts to wake up, gosok mata, menggeliat*
ma : eh takpe lah, you want to sleep more , tido lah dulu. nanti dah kerja takleh tido dah.
me : :O

then I couldn't sleep anymore and pergi makan and do chores.
thanks a lot for the reminder/reality check mom.

*okay depressed takleh tido lewat dah on weekends*

hahahaha my mom is cool!

p.s. one of the reasons balik rumah best sebab boleh tengok kucing!
gua kat luar je nampak bengis/gangster (orang cakap ar) tapi dalam hati ada taman ar.
taman kucing. hahahah.
satu family suka kucing.
hehehe. yay!

cooooommemmeelllll nyaaaaaa

okay bye.