Tuesday, April 28, 2009

randomity #62

doesnt this just make you drooooooooool???


especially with all the hot weather we've been enduring.
sedap gila doe sumpah.

yeah memang takde idea nak blog dah.
otak sangat sempit sebab study.
well, trying to study anyways.
entah lah macam mana.


Friday, April 10, 2009

short post.

life is so short.
it's amazing how we take things for granted.

*shakes head*

p.s. kalau nak enjoy tengok horror movie please invite and sit next to or in close proximity to Khairul Anwar bin Yusop.
enjoy horror movie? Macam mana tu?
hahahaha kenalah tengok dengan dia to find out! :P


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

randomity #61

you don't need to speak Arabic to talk to God.

yeap that's it.
conass bungkus!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

randomity #60

bukan tak nak post.
sibuk sikit ar.

my conass is this week.
parasitology and pharmaco on wednesday.
yes i am watching UCL QF's. like duh.

mmb and patho on thursday.
KIV on liverpool chelsea. might be a snore fest. hahahaha.

not ready at all for conass.
as usual.
had a VERY interesting weekend.
but i'll blog about that some other time.
i'm just glad that i have other things to distract me from other things which are not so...
pleasant to think about at this point and time.

study wei study.

p.s. it's very disconcerting to see people doing past year's already when you're still finishing your syllabus.

p.p.s TALENTIME : so nice, watched it twice. :P
nak OST dia! like now!

p.p.p.s Kiko Macheda - instant legend. havent celebrated a goal like that in a long time. :D thanks.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

danial = april's fool.

messaged the sister :

N (bukan nama sebenar) , i fractured my leg. is the car with you?

she replied :

My god.How bad is it? Nope the car with mama. Call mama.

I replied :

haha takde lah april fool je. When's mama going to Korea?

waited 5 mins.

no reply.

Sent another message :

Oi marah ke? Rilek ar. haha.

until *checks watch* right about now....
still no reply.
oh crap.

so tell me, who's the april fool now?

yeap. i'm april's fool.

plan back fired much??
nak buat lawak these days pun susah.