Friday, March 28, 2008

oh yes

i've finally finished my histo
it seemed impossible on monday
but i got it done!


tak faham?
tak mengapa.

jom futsal! :P

Saturday, March 22, 2008

super duper sunday


watch it
even if your wife is giving birth

wanna put picture also cannot
stupid blogger

ladies plz dont be affected
im just joking
im not that bad lah hahaha

lack of updates


because lack of time


because lack of studying (dulu)


because lack of focus/initiative (dulu)


because lack of motivation (dulu)


because lack of thyroid hormone

why? what???


so now got motivation all lah? why?

because 3 fails can motivate your ass no matter who you are.

fair point.

so now you know why.

why what?

lack of updates.



a certain someone

won a certain amount of cash

from a certain radio station

in a certain competition

where you had to answer the call from the radio station and answer fly fm

if you happened to listen to fly fm

on friday (21st March) @ 5.50 ish pm

you would know who that certain someone is

who by the way sounds TERRIBLE on radio.

i cannot reveal the name nanti everybody starts asking him for money
claiming that this person suddenly owes that person and everything and making up imaginary debts and so on and so forth



Thursday, March 13, 2008


went out with someone
who i havent seen in a long time
who i havent talked to in a while

i wonder if things could have turned out differently
if have been less of an asshole.



nah she's WAAAAYY out of my league man.

Monday, March 10, 2008


no the title does not refer to spiderman's nemesis

what a crazy weekend in malaysia man and in the world of football too!

first man utd lost

now how did we lose this game ?

then chelsea also lost

chelsea sucks! even i can score!

then west brom and cardiff won!
like WTF is going on?

what? no man utd in semis?

yeah no man utd in semis! no we all have a chance!

so the semis for the cup is like this
pompey barnsley cardiff west brom
now thats the magic of the FA cup man

arsenal drew against wigan!
but that's no suprise
cuz they suck anyway hahahaha

boo hoo. i suck. i want to go back to spain.

in other news
some ppl (about 15 million ppl)
must have read my post (randomity #9)
and gone and voted for the opposition
funny , the hit count tak tunjuk 15 million pun

as a result
5 yes FIVE states are under opposition already!!!!
including SELANGOR!
wtf man!
im shocked man!

biggest shocker was that Shahrizat lost to Nurul Izzah in Lembah Pantai
that's crazy
i personally told everyone that no way she was gonna lose
not because i sokong her but it looked that way man
i had to eat my words man and so did a lot of other ppl

things are going to be different from here on in in malaysia
hopefully for the better.
if not
next time i can vote already

oh STPM results on tuesday
special shout out to :

Kok Hui
Kar Fai
Thong Siang

dont worry man all of you smart bastards one lah hahaa

Saturday, March 8, 2008


man utd just LOST

i still love pompey
pompey for the CUP man!

yes im just trying to make myself feel better.

world trying to bring me down

im at home
watching man utd against pompey
feel like tearing my hair out now
if i had an hair anyway
i just got the micheal scofield haircut hahaha

pompey defence macam sial
evra hit post carrick miss one on one
Oh my god oh shit.
now penalty.. kucsczak sent off.

this is fucking insane. oh my god
ferdinand keeper for the penalty.
you have got to be kidding me

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

pompey scores.

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck this is
oh my god
i cannot believe what im witnessing right now
by the way this is the first time i've done a live football-blog-report thingy hahaha

explains the randomness and all the profanity
pleasee get a draw please please please

this is highway robbery man
fucking robbery
thing is i actually like pompey
now they can fuck off to hell

they have 10 ppl BEHIND the half way line for crying out loud.

and i wanted to download lost
then computer rosak pulak.
world trying to bring me down man.
sial giler.
i cant do this anymore
type and watch at the same time
its killing me man!
come on you devils score!

i apologize for the profanity
its passion man passion.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

randomity on randomity #8


somebody ACTUALLY guessed where the picture was taken
and i have to say the answer is FREAKISHLY accurate
if u wanna know the answer check the comments on randomity#8

i dont mind keeping my end of the bargain.

but since you're "anonymous"
i cant really do that can i?

i mean how can one person belanja a anonymous person?
its crazy i tell ya crazyyyyyy

P.S. oh man L.O.S.T. episode 5 already..
STILL havent watched yet.
bastard lah!

have to do something about this.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


im surfing internet at home

and broadband too!
yeah i know
kepoh lah kecoh lah
yeah i know this house is late a couple of years
who cares?


now i can download stuff easier!


yup. stuff.

*innocent smile*